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Classical Conversations

Mary and Carine

Type of Group:

Classical Conversations is an international organization with communities around the world.

We are a community of homeschoolers with common curriculum using the Classical Model. We have paid tutors who are referred to as "lead learners."   


Group's Purpose:

To equip parents, build leaders, and foster a strong Christian community  


Mission Statement:  

To know God and make Him known.



Activities at your group:

Academics in core subjects including English, Latin, Science, History, Geography, Reasoning, Art, and more.

Ages of children:

We currently (locally) we serve ages 4-15ish.


Room for more?

Email us for that information. We can always expand and create a new community as we fill up.  


Where we meet:

Calvary Chapel in Kelso & Castle Rock First Baptist


How often?

Once a week.

Contact person:

Michelle Skundrick  (Challenge A Director at the Kelso/Longview Community)  

Photo Gallery

CC - mock trial.jpg

Mock Trial

CC - book pile.jpg

Building Bridges for Science

CC - Jessica Curtis + littles.jpg

Microscope Fun

CC - kids with masks.jpg

Cow Eye Dissection

CC - kids performing on stage.jpg

Faces of History

CC - Samuel - dart distance diff.jpg

Science Fair

CC - Cartography.jpg

Western Hemis
phere Relay

The Challenge A class reviewed drawing the Western
Hemisphere by having a relay where each student had 30 seconds
to draw before handing off to the next student.

CC - kids in costumes.jpg

Dress-up Day

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