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Garden Street Co-op

Michelle and Kaylynn

Describe your group: 

"We are a private, Christian, home-school cooperative. "We are a parent-led co-op, teaching from a faith-based perspective."  (We do not have chapters.)


Your group's purpose: 

 To offer a place where families can partake in learning activities with each other and to grow as a homeschooling community. Also, to fulfill a very real need in our area for more co-ops.   

Our Mission Statement: 

Garden Street Co-op is a Christian, parent-led co-operative that strives to create a safe and fun environment for homeschooling families—offering a chance for them to grow, learn, and partake in a supportive community.


Activities at our meetings:   

A variety of learning activities that are interactive to keep them fun and interesting for the children. They are led and organized by parents volunteering their time. Some quarters (like this spring) is heavy on STEM and science activities, while other quarters may be more focused on electives or reading. We also try to provide opportunities for field trips, especially during the summer.

Ages of children:

Currently, we serve a lot of younger children (4-10 age range). We’d like to serve teens, but that is dependent on who registers each quarter. A nursery is provided for those under the age of 3.

Room for more people?

This is hard to determine at the moment, because we are so new. We’re figuring out what works within the space we have been given. However, registration is a first-come-first-served basis.

Where we meet:  

At Lexington Bible Fellowship in Lexington.  (They are allowing use of the building, but we are not under their non-profit status.)

When we meet:

We meet once a week on Fridays.

Two sessions a year for a quarter at a time:  in the spring and the fall.

In the summer we do field trips and special activities.

Contact Info: 

Michelle DeCamp, Director   Text:  360-846-0245

(Message Michelle to see when the next quarter begins and when they start taking registrations.)

Photo Gallery

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