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Here is a variety of places and organizations that you can visit or participate in that are helpful to home­schoolers. We know there are many more than this, so please email me (Barb / if you find one for us to add to this list!

The reason this page is titled "Intro & Extra-Curricular" is because they might be considered "extra" or "outside" a regular, usual curriculum, but a homeschooler will very likely see them as very much a part of their real-life curriculum, and even their academics, but just in a more creative way. So one particular item might be both! It's all a matter of semantics, but at least you now know what we're thinking!


G-1 Sports

Register via First Class Co-Op / Longview


Glenn’s Gismos



Vancouver WA and Newberg, OR



Mt. St. Helen’s

Creation Center


Facebook & Twitter

Castle Rock, WA

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